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Bye bye, road trips; hello, life with baby!


We are back from our trip. Thankfully back! This was our first “let’s go and have fun! It’s a vacation!” road trip since baby was born. It will be our last for a while.

The good: we did get away. We saw friends. We saw beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers.

The not so good: traveling with a baby is not anything like traveling as a non-parent. To start, the road trip part. I used to love the part when we were on the road. The views, music, talking, snacks, reading, and the feeling of being in a time capsule, away from the rest of the world. The road trip part with a baby: me in the back seat, reading, drawing (endless puppies!), singing, playing, entertaining. Poor baby got carsick, too, scary and un-fun for all. Then the struggle to get her into the carseat in the first place. And when we take a break, it is not likely to be short. Plus, the travel needs to be scheduled around/in consideration of nap times.

And then the prep and packing. It took us 2.5 days of hard work to be ready to go on the trip. That’s ridiculous. And at each stop, soooo much unpacking and setting up! Nice husband did most of it, which is nice but unbalanced.

Trying to do normal things is also harder on the road with a baby. Finding food for baby, making food for baby, getting milk, cleaning bottles (yes, still breastfeeding, just have to supplement still when she goes down for naps), even warming bottles at night: much more work than at home.

We enjoyed lots about the trip. But we also got worn out, and at some point, were ready to come home. We booted it home as quickly as we could, and were hugely relieved to arrive by 10 a.m. on Friday. Bliss!!

After all that complaining, I should redeem the trip by mentioning the great part about travel with baby: travel with baby. It was wonderful to take her to new places, new experiences and have her meet new people. She really really enjoyed herself. She loved all the places we stayed. She enjoyed the scenery and going on walks. She loved the different animals we got to meet (including horses, donkeys, a dog that LICKED HER FACE!, and cows). Basically, there are big upsides to traveling with baby. It’s just nothing like traveling without baby, and wasn’t the restful, rejuvenating holiday we had planned.

Such is life. We’ve learned, we feel better prepared for whatever the next trip will be (because, of course, there will be other trips), and we had a 3-day weekend to recuperate.

Hoping you are all well, as I try and get back into this blogging saddle.


Careening Towards 40


It’s been a bit of a wild week, as you may have guessed. Tuesday and Wednesday nights I crashed in bed with baby around 8:30. In spite of the early bedtime, Tuesday night wasn’t a good sleep: baby was up every couple of hours. Last night, on the other hand, was magical. We all crashed out at 8 something. Baby woke up maybe twice. And we woke up a bit before 8. Dreamy!! It was nice to be well rested today.

It’s kind of crazy to contemplate that my birthday is on Sunday. 40 years old: wow. I’ve been stressing about this birthday for months and months, yet that stress never seemed to help me plan anything. And now here we are, mere days away, nothing planned.

Fortunately, as the date has got closer, its importance has dropped. I kind of barely care anymore. 40 no longer needs to be a hugely symbolic age – I’m officially a year older, life’s pretty good, and I plan to keep moving forward.

Though this is my stated position, I must admit I am feeling stress that is hard to shake. I just started a week’s vacation tonight, and I’m not really up for relaxing yet. I’m anxious about the long list of things I want to do before we leave. I’m stressed by the course I’m teaching (yes, mom, I will NEVER say yes to teaching again!). The house is, once again, a mess. And just ongoing life – are we caught up on our finances? What meals can we plan for weekdays? Will I ever be able to brush my daughter’s teeth? etc.

My hunched shoulders and crossed arms tonight are the reason we’re heading out of town for a few days. I’m sorely tempted to stay home during my week off to “get things done” and “catch up.” I know what that will be in practice: dashing around madly for a week, coming up with yet more things to do, and never really getting a break or change of scenery that will rejuvenate me. So, I’m going to embrace the birthday girls prerogative to demand that certain things get done :), and to ignore those that aren’t going to get done. Life will go on, and maybe post-40 I can embrace just living a little more fully.



Our home internet is down. That, combined with a very busy day at work and packing to head on a trip means that I MISSED A DAY!!! No uninterrupted full year of blogging.

I’m okay with it.

We’re in Vancouver at a work conference for me. I won’t travel without baby yet, so husband and baby are with me. We had a very up and down day with lows (trying to get to the airport on time) and highs (taking baby on the hotel escalators; going out for delicious Indian food at Salim Bombay with baby; walking through town with baby; baby baby baby).

And now I’m exhausted, and my other two awesome people are sleeping. good night.