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Simple Pleasures


Life is very hectic right now. I frequently feel that I’m at my limit. Outside this, there are moments of sheer delight.

Sitting at the kitchen table last night, doing some reading for work. Baby sitting beside me with a newspaper, “write, write, write” and rearranging pens in rows and rows.

Lying in bed half asleep with baby coming in for cuddles then bouncing upright, bouncing all over the bed and squirming back in for a cuddle. “I’m having fun! I’m having fun in bed with mama!”

So, so lucky.


My daughter’s first literary joke


In the bath tonight, nursing, baby was in a bit of a playful mood. She took one finger and pointed right up at the roof, holding it there.

“Are you pointing like the baby in the book?” I asked. She has a baby colour book and the baby in the white overalls points randomly up at the sky. She’s started pointing whenever we get to that page.

She didn’t really answer, but she kind of mumbled and kind of smiled, and I knew what she meant: “I’m just playing around, hanging out, remembering that funny baby that points to the sky! Look at me, randomly pointing at the sky!”

You are funny, baby.

Something funny with wordpress


Hey everyone, something strange is up with WordPress today. I went to my main page and my eye noticed a strange number on the top right of the screen: 539. As in, 539 followers.
Now, that can’t be. As of yesterday, I had 21 followers.
However, it is an interesting mystery! I will keep you posted. How delightful that would be … though then, of course, I would feel slightly more motivated to put some real effort into writing something worth reading on the blog!

For today, two baby stories from dinner last night. Dinner which was, by the way, some time after 8 p.m. How do parents get their kids to bed early in summer??

I had ridden my bike down to city park yesterday evening to meet up with hubby and baby. Baby had had a great park time, going down the waterslide for the first time! (half-way up, holding dada’s hand the whole way :)) followed by delightful diaper-free time and a spontaneous pee and poop too. Awesome!

Anyhow, on the way home she was quite insistent that I ride the bike. Not walk beside her in the stroller. “Mama, on!” “Mama, on!” and on and on.

Once we were home, she wanted to see her bike helmet. And dada’s bike helmet. And most of dinner was a series of us putting on our helmets at her bidding, buckling them up (she LOVES buckles!), and taking them back off again.

Meanwhile, hubby (who is really very very good as a parent!) enticed her into trying the mashed yams he had made by showing her how he ate them and said “Mmmm!” She loooved this. She started eating the yams, and sure enough, “Mmmm!!!”ing all the rest of the way through dinner. They really were delicious.

And finally. We’re trying a new ritual in our family. For breakfast and dinner, we want to start by holding hands and taking some deep breaths together, letting go of stress and being present and together. We did that last night at dinner. And half-way through, baby reached for dada and mama’s hands, and initiated her own deep breathing. One wasn’t enough: “mo! mo!”

Wow, I love her.

Money and Babies


Two separate thoughts.

Husband and I watched one of Dave Ramsey’s finance videos tonight, and we’re totally on board with actually getting on top of our finances. It is a great feeling to be tackling our money and future again, improving on what we’re doing now. It’s also wonderful and fortunate to have a partner who is into working together to create our future, and doesn’t run when he hears the word budget. So excited to get working on this!

Watching the video was made possible by baby’s early (6:30) bedtime, which was made possible by her lack of a nap and good fathering. They were out for a walk, he saw she was sleepy, coaxed her onto his chest and she fell asleep as he walked her home. We’ve had 2 wake-ups so far, but no stay-ups, so it’s all good. I’m relieved as this may be a chance to get her onto a more regular sleep schedule.

Today felt like a long, long parenting day. It seemed that every single thing I tried to do was met with crying and/or whining. Throwing an old bandaid into the garbage? Heaven forbid! And forget about diaper changes. My motherly patience, never a strong suit, was worn thin thin thin. Fortunately husband relieved me and I had the chance to breathe. Also fortunately, motherly love really is stronger than motherly frustration. She is SOOO sweet – squatting as she plays with the pods on a flower; stroking my chest as she nurses; running back and forth for hugs and kisses. I continue to love her madly, and only feel more inspired after today to work on my own growth, empathy and compassion to deal more effectively with days like this.

New things about baby


Amazed at the speed of change!

She’s stringing words together now. “Mama dada baby OUT!” “Ya mama no dada A’ya” “Mo yayo weee (more yellow slide)” We’re doing a better job of figuring out what she means, too. She’s very strategic with her use of yes and no!

Bedtime has been really variable and generally late. I am struggling a bit with it – finding it stressful and exhausting. I am thinking about setting an intention to have her sleeping earlier. Not sure what that means. Does not mean crying! Possibly enhancing day-time exercise and revisiting nighttime routines.

Her perky toddler personality is really coming out too! She frequently enjoys yelling just because. She LOVES running away from you if you want her to come close. She’ll race from one end of the house to the other. She’s playing peek-a-boo – hiding behind curtains and bathroom shower curtains and in corners. She loooves to tease, giving us something and then yanking it away with a firm “A’ya” (i.e., it’s for me, not you!). Or, if we ask for a kiss, saying ya, then, with a grin, “no!”

She also has remarkably clear ideas about what she wants. This book here, not there. NO MAMA don’t wear that scarf! I will NOT put on shirts that go over my head! Diaper change? I don’t think so! I am doing lots more deep breathing as I attempt to enjoy these independent moves.

And right now, she’s sleeping. Still so soft, warm and sweet when asleep, her body growing longer and stronger and still our baby.

Little Things


This morning, baby really wanted to nurse and really didn’t want to wear a diaper. Result: much sitting around, two big floor puddles, and late departure for work.

I had a meeting that went long today and I found I was a bit late for yoga class. I almost didn’t go. I was sorely tempted. But then I remembered 1) need to strengthen my bones for a long, healthy life with my daughter, and 2) I’ve paid for a semester pass and I want to get the most from it. I went, I kind of enjoyed myself, I definitely got a work out, and I’m glad I did.

Coming up soon: one week off! Because it’s around my birthday and my week was looking broken up anyways, I’m taking off the week of May 21. Can’t wait!! I feel like baby needs some mama time. I could use a break. I just hope/plan to get a lot done and catch up on things before I leave so I can relax guilt-free. There is so much to do at work. It was brought home to me again today. I don’t know when or how to do it all. Blah.

The course I”m teaching. I can’t wait to be done. Really! I have to mark papers this week. Really?! I think that will have to wait until the weekend. I have found that, yet again, I don’t enjoy it. There are about 16 students in the course, lots more than promised, so there are many, many emails and postings each day. I cannot wait to be finished!!

Had a nice evening. Husband’s brother needed a babysitter, so we brought our dinner over there and hung out with the kids for a couple hours. Baby had an awesome time playing with her big cousins and using the small slide set outside. She could climb up and slide down all by herself – exciting for her, a bit of a relief for her parents! Then kicking the ball, watching and playing with the kids … awesome fun.

Now home, tired, no lunch packed for tomorrow, not doing anything on the course … but going to bed.

I believe in hockey sticks


Second day of spring! So exciting! Woke up to snow!

The weather here is not what it was when I grew up. We used to have long, cold, snowy winters and long, hot summers. Lately, the seasons bleed into each other and it’s not predictable day to day what the weather will be.

Someone asked me once if I “believed in global warming.” I think I replied that I didn’t think it was a matter of belief. Now I would say that  I recognize that belief comes into any subject. I find it hard to evaluate the evidence on different sides of big debates: vaccines and diets come to mind. I know there are scientists and other people who have written contradictions to the global warming argument. In this case, knowing that the overwhelming body of evidence is on the global warming side, and having some awareness of the science-blind and manipulative politics behind climate denial, I would say that I believe in the existence of human-induced global warming and buy, 100%, the hockey stick graph (I never knew that name for it until a CBC interview on The Current last week).

Today was crazy for other reasons. Work was mad. So many projects, so many connections to make, not nearly enough time. I pushed through and, I believe, got done all I needed though Monday will bring more madness.

I also got to participate in some scintillating back and forth regarding an upcoming workshop I’m supposed to do. Numerous people approached me with support and/or concerns, by phone and in person. I had the bemused pleasure of being told in a group email that the proposed workshop was a “waste of time,” followed by the real pleasure of being defended by someone who was initially skeptical. All of this I took with the flow, pleased with my ability not to take personally what was not personal.

And the day ended in the best possible way: 2+ delightful hours hanging out with my daughter in bed as we moved slowly but surely towards bedtime. Stories, songs, cuddling, playing, kissing, “this little piggy”ing, nursing, bottling and sleep. Time to bond with my favourite little person ever, who delights me more and more each day (she says “apple” now! and ball! (bau). Love!!)