Re-celebrating Target


(with thanks to Annie for the idea).

As I am in full make-over mode, today I set out to follow through on the shopping list I created yesterday. You know how sometimes, you make a list of things you need and you never really buy them because you can’t figure out exactly what to buy, or where, or how much to spend? And other times, you take your list and go wild? Tonight was the latter.

I left a sickish hubby & child home and smiled as I entered the wonderful possibilities of Target. Cart in hand, I moved steadily through the sections, finding items that both fit and were affordable (hello $5 racks!). I actually found the underwear style I love, a bra that fits, and a variety of clothing for my new work-y-fun activities. That, plus paper products, wiper fluid, and a gift for our daughter (she informed me the other day that she’s sad that I don’t give her gifts like her nana & dada do. I’m going to remedy the situation).

Can’t wait to integrate the new items with my older wardrobe, plus some lovely pass-ons from a friend today. That, and a haircut coming up on Friday! Yay!


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