Baby Connect


Wow, what an amazing baby day. Okay, I was near my edge a couple of times when she dumped out her food and it took over an hour to leave the house … but a full day of intense time with her leaves me loving her more and more, and feeling more fully in the role of mom.

We woke up and had a big pee on the potty (yay for smiling wake-ups!), played around home, then went for a long walk, library playtime (where we caught storytime and I ran into a friend – nice!), and a picnic/playtime outside.

Home with sleeping baby, I finished marking an assignment, cleaned the kitchen and started dinner. Then we played more and more, read books, went on the potty lots (aside from 2 definite misses), had a wonderful grooming session in the bathroom (washed her feet in the sink, cut her nails while she “filed” them, washed her face, brushed teeth, and finally, chapstick and cream on her lips), read and played in the bedroom, diapers on her babies, and finally sleep, with lots and lots of holding her long growing little-girl body close and stroking her hair.

I don’t appreciate enough the blessing of being a mom and having time with my amazing daughter. For today, I’m grateful.


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