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Counting to 4 … or 9?!


When baby had her morning bottle today, the nipple collapsed and she was covered with milk. So unpleasant!! So she and I got in a lovely morning bath together. Splashing, playing, nursing, the usual. One of our games had me pouring little cups of water into another container. I counted them, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 …”

“Eight! Nine!” baby added.

WHAT?! My baby knows how to count up to 9?? I told my husband about it later ,and sure enough, she followed the story and showed that yes, she knows the numbers.
“What comes after 7, baby?”
What comes after 8?

Her vocabulary growth is becoming astounding (for us, as parents :)). Today she climbed up to the table, looked at a jar of coins there, and said “money.” Pretty much any word we say, she repeats. it’s getting exciting around here!


Friends, food and sun


Nice day! Walk downtown and errands with baby. Nap (baby, not me). Lunch. More family errands.
Then a great visit from a friend, including another family walk to downtown, great baby playtime. Then friend cooked dinner! Chana masala. I made quinoa, she made a salad, we all ate. Baby loved it!
Good conversation.
And baby bed, a little late (9) but consistent-ish.

This extra-long weekend is off to a good start!



Wow … consistency may work! The new tentative routine is dinner at 6, bath at 6:30, bedroom/stories/nurse at 7. We’ve had her asleep at 7:45, 8:10 and 9:00 tonight. Tonight, we just started late, didn’ get in until around 7. We discussed it and are going to work hard to keep to our plan, even if it’s tempting to be outside later in the day. A sleeping baby is a great thing, and she’s been happier during the day with more rest. Yay!

Slowly Emerging Self-Awareness


I’ve been wondering lately why I’m holding my breath, wanting to swear all the time, rushing everywhere, having a hard time concentrating at work and not enjoying life so much. I just figured it out over the past few days: I’m stressed!

Amazing deduction; it only took weeks and weeks to get there.

We’re living in the basement. It’s too small with not enough storage, is dark and constantly messy. We don’t have enough money right now. Renos continue. We have no idea what we’re going to do with this house and are constantly contemplating a wide range of dramatic options.

Stuff is happening at work, too; new opportunities, more work, growth and such. Great. Demanding. Stressful.

Oh, I turned 40, did you hear? Though it’s not such a big deal, it also is, and it kind of passed and is gone and I still haven’t reflected on it. Still have not found a measly hour to do my annual reflection and projecting for the next year.

Realizing I’m stressed is remarkably relaxing. Now that I know what the problem is, I can cut myself some slack. Of course I’m having a hard time, I’m stressed! I also potentially might take some things off my to do list. Maybe. We’ll see.

In any case, I chose to call my sister tonight after baby went to sleep instead of jumping right into work. And I think I’m going to call it quits now, too, for the computer – I’d rather fold laundry and watch TV and the other work can wait. It has to. I need my sleep.

BTW, part of letting some things go is making room for others. My links are updated – I removed some which, though great, I found I wasn’t reading, and added some new ones I’d like to explore. I’d be interested in a few blogs/links on doing Montessori at home with young kids, and/or doing art and other creative projects. I’d like to make more space for that, in a calm, non-stressed, peaceful way. You know.

Sweet, Heartbreaking, Infuriating, Beautiful


My daughter is all these things, all the time.

One of her latest expressions is “no bye.” She really really doesn’t like saying by to anyone or anything. When I leave in the mornings, it is heartbreaking to hear her little voice say “No bye, mama! No bye!”

She seems allergic to sleep lately. Whatever rituals we try at bed to calm her down only seem to give her more energy. Bath? Stories? Nursing? WHEEE!!! Though I’m sure it’s a phase, and I’m committed to parenting her to sleep, I’m getting wiped out. On the other hand: babbling in a random baby language while laughing and kicking the sheets … so incredibly adorable that I kind of love it.

She continues to demand our participation in her activities (drumming, pretend-sleeping, feeding her animals, anything) with her persistent “Mama too. Dada too. A’ya too.” She also is playing more on her own, moving things back and forth, arranging things, doing all kinds of things, perfectly contentedly. Last night, when the initial sleep attempt completely failed, she took the bottles in the wash bin out and arranged and re-arranged them all over the kitchen. She also LOOOVES splashing in water – at the kitchen sink, not in the bathtub, silly! – and can entertain herself with a stream of water for a long, long time.

Baths are still joint affairs. She won’t get in unless I do.

And when she kisses us, or laughs, or uses a new word we didn’t know (eating; reading; hop; on and on the list goes!), it is so beautiful.

My daughter’s first literary joke


In the bath tonight, nursing, baby was in a bit of a playful mood. She took one finger and pointed right up at the roof, holding it there.

“Are you pointing like the baby in the book?” I asked. She has a baby colour book and the baby in the white overalls points randomly up at the sky. She’s started pointing whenever we get to that page.

She didn’t really answer, but she kind of mumbled and kind of smiled, and I knew what she meant: “I’m just playing around, hanging out, remembering that funny baby that points to the sky! Look at me, randomly pointing at the sky!”

You are funny, baby.

Classic marital miscommunication


A forgotten note from our ill-fated vacation.

Just past Nelson, along a beautiful road, I spotted a classic American castle set back on the left-hand side of the road. It was stunning, and something I haven’t seen a lot of.

“Do you see that?” husband asked? “Yes!” “Should I pull over?” “Definitely!”

He pulled into the little side road and stopped and said, “I’ll get out the camera.”

“Great!” I said, looking eagerly at the castle, trying to soak it all in. I got out and looked around to point out some angles and pictures for him. He seemed to be testing out the camera taking some random pictures in the other direction, facing back to the road. Pointing right at an older van that was also sitting on the side road with us.

Wait a minute … “Hang on – did you want to see the van?”

“Of course! It’s just what we’re looking for as a vacation vehicle.”

Looking in the same direction, seeing two entirely different things. It’s almost a fairy tale …