Utter Personal Gluttony


On the way home from work today, I asked baby if she wanted to stop at the library or go home. She said “Yaaa!” to the library. Then I asked her if she wanted to go and play there, or just go in and out. “In … aaaooo!” was her answer. So I parked in the 3-minute parking and carried her in as I picked up 2 books (Homefront and The Intentional Family) and 2 (yes, 2!) movies: Bridesmaids and Something Borrowed.

I have work to do. Assignments to mark for the course; pages to read for the course; files to sort; financial family stuff to think about (we’re trying to get rich here, people! I need to get going on our budgeting!). But for tonight, with husband’s help, here’s what I’m doing: eating homemade chocolate pudding, blogging, thinking about reading more from my novel (30+ pages in already!) and watching Bridesmaids. Wow, I haven’t had a chill-out session like that for a while. Though baby is now on my lap watching me blog and I don’t think we’ll be able to resume viewing for a while …

Indulgence. Tonight, I’m a fan.


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