Monday recap


Today: pretty good.

Baby woke up just before the alarm went off. Lots of nursing and potty. With husband’s help, we were fed and out of the house before 8.

Baby drop-off: seamless.

Arriving at work: parked in a nearer lot, and time to login to computer and get to presentation early.

Presentation: went well. I think I talked a bit too much and didn’t ask enough questions. But still: I think there was some discussion and some points got across.

Work: got stuff done! Ran into people and talked! Got down to it and worked!

Opening for OutWeek: lovely. My speech was fine, the others were great. Heard the Okanagan Song for the first time – beautiful!

Successful meeting, then attended one of the week’s events: viewing of “For the bible tells me so” – greatly enjoyed this film which follows Christian families which came to terms with one of the family members being gay.

Baby pick-up: also went well. Made a haphazard dinner. Baby didn’t eat enough. Bedtime took over an hour, but was fine. We’re changing that up: trying to keep her in the bedroom & on the bed until she goes to sleep. If not sleepy, we read books, etc. So far, so good, though her sleeping before 9 would be great.

Only wish for today: should not have eaten 2 slices of cake. And 2 [small] bags of chips. I definitely need to bring LOTS MORE FOOD to work for lunch & snacks as I’m eating constantly lately.


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