Last night turned out not quite as planned. Owing to various sleep/nap/bedtime discrepancies, we couldn’t get out of here until around 7:30 and going to the concert didn’t seem practical. So my sister washed up and we went to a drum circle instead. Great to be drumming more lately! I used a djembe and a cowbell (I really love cowbell and want to get one for home). It was a fun mix of people, ages preteen through senior and varying degrees of hippie. I felt the Island vibe.

Today we went to a devotional in the morning at the home of old family friends. Then back to the house, then out to a neighbouring town. We got to spend time in a park on the ocean and it was wonderful to be by the ocean. Picking up driftwood, throwing rocks into the water, collecting seashells. So much fun with a baby! It also reminds me that I need to be playful, engaged and interacting with the world if I want my child todo that. I want our family to have nature adventures and entertain ourselves with the natural world. So I need to do that myself.

Now husband’s out picking up take-out, baby is sleeping (a wrong-time-of-day nap, but oh well – very glad she’s resting and relaxed), hoping for a slow and laid-back evening.

Planning a couple more days here, then Victoria for a couple of days, then home. Making plans on the fly, that’s us.


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