Cure for the grumps


Husband and I were both a bit grumpy this morning. Not quite sure why, but we each had our own reasons for being slightly off and not the most cheerful. We left the house and vowed that we would cheer up, but it didn’t happen right away.

Finally, after much organizing and reorganizing and putting baby in the stroller then putting her in the carrier then reorganizing what we were bringing, we set off for a walk in a great park along a river. Baby fell asleep pretty quickly on husband’s chest. We kept walking, and our mood lifted. We talked. We planned. We enjoyed the crisp fall air, the soft steady murmur of the river, the beautiful leaves. Nature had done her magical trick again.

We got to an open spot on the river and baby woke up. We played by the river on the rocks for a while, then walked back for a picnic with a nursing stop in the middle. A grocery stop at a big store was made fun because we were shopping together.

With fall well on its way, we were so glad we finally got ourselves out of the house for a walk on the weekend. We’ve decided to go again next Saturday, maybe this time with bikes, and make the most of the rest of fall.

Tonight baby’s sleeping, we have a fire going, and husband finished all the rest of the clean-up from the party and subsequent mess.

Good day.


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