Seize the Day = Peace?


After a reasonable day (nice dinner out with family; no nap; some happy playing and some whining) we were heading into the evening stretch. After ascertaining that neither of us was very hungry my husband made up a deluxe salad for us. Baby, however, wasn’t in the best mood. Whine, whine, whine. WHINE!!! Argh argh argh.

So we decided to accelerate and modify evening plans. My husband packed up the salads to go and fried some mushrooms for baby’s dinner. I bathed baby and got a few more food things ready for us. We hit the road, strolling downtown to a park by the lake where they have music on weekend nights. Stretched out on a blanket, eating our dinner, baby playing, clapping and eating. Boy she loves being out! Party girl!

Husband ran into some friends of ours out on a childless date night so we sat together and talked for a while. Then it got later, baby started to look both hyper and tired. We packed up, Ergoed her and walked home. She took part of a bottle and slept on my chest (best feeling in the world!). I was able to lay her right down on the bed to rest.

Within a short span of time, by being flexible, we got in a picnic, walking, music, friends, talking, and transitioned to happy baby and finally sleeping baby. All in all, a good choice. Having fun, breaking with routine, and finding a way to do what needs doing (eating, calming baby, putting her to sleep) in a joyful way adds to life.


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